May 26, 2012

shake it

I mentioned on the sisters blog that Steve got me WEN for Mother's Day and I'm absolutely in love with it :)
For someone who has unmanageable hair like me, it really is a miracle that I can get out of the shower after using WEN, add a little bit of WEN gel and my hair will dry like a normal person as opposed to turning into a frizzy puff ball. A miracle. The polaroids above (where the title comes in) are me trying to take some self portraits and show off my hair :) Also, I finally painted my finger and toe nails. I painted them orange and I'm going to ignore the fact that it's already chipping and instead admire how nicely orange nails look when you're wearing an all blue outfit :) Happy summer to me!
And Happy Memorial Day weekend to you!
We have absolutely zero plans! :)


  1. I like the new look of your blog. :) And that WEN stuff, I think I might need some. :)

  2. I love your hair. It's gorgeous. And your outfit is adorable :)

  3. what lovely, lovely pictures! I LOVE THIS BLOG! found you via tid+bits