May 27, 2012


Yesterday we didn't have any plans and so we went out to the pool as a little family, put Cole's little floaties on and swam around. We had some snacks; Cole liked sharing some of his cheddar bunnies with his dad ;) And the almond, pistachio, pomeganate and black pepper snack is the best ever. (You can get it at Costco)
Being at the pool is fun and stressful for me all at the same time, because who am I kidding, those floaties will not keep your kid from drowning! I think he wishes he could swim because he's always trying to squirm out of my arms when holding him in the pool. It gives me a heart attack. I think I need youtube to teach me how to teach a baby to swim and I'll feel much much better about pool time :)

The only way I can take pictures at the pool is when Steve comes along too. Which makes me so glad that Gram Yvonne got Cole a kiddie pool while she was here!!! Thank you!! He loves it so much and I can take as many pictures as I want when he's in the kiddie pool and not worry about him drowning! We can just play in the kiddie pool this summer when I'm not adventurous enough to make a trip to the real pool! And by "not adventurous enough" I mean when I'm not feeling like shaving and putting a bathing suit on and worrying about him drowning. Besides, he could spend all day every day in it. And he already figured out how to tip it over. haha, great. The dirt, or should I say mud, by our porch is going to get a lot of water this summer :)


  1. Great pics!

    Cole is still probably a bit too little, but the BEST life jacket EVER is the Puddle Jumper by Stearns. It's for 30-50 pounds, but we put Harvey in a little early. You wear it on the front, so it encourages them to "swim" on their stomach - unlike other life jackets that kind of pull you backwards. The really nice thing about it is that it doesn't pop like the arm floaties, and kids can't take it off (the buckle is in the back). I got Harvey's at Walmart, and it was the best 15 bucks I ever spent!

    1. wow that sounds like the perfect thing for Cole! I am definitely going to get him something because it's not worth it to be paranoid all the time! Thanks Tiff!

  2. Oh, your summer is looking so fun :) that first picture is just adorable!! And I love his kiddie pool. I need to get Annabelle one too.

  3. Nice pictures, Lauren. I especially like the one with Cole in his hat. Have fun with the pools this summer.

  4. Awesome photos, really nice!:)