May 25, 2012

When grandma and grandpa came to visit

We all had a blast when they were here last week! 
Cole got to show them where he feeds the ducks and turtles (although Cole preferred to eat the bread himself rather than throw it to the turtles hehe)
 He got to show them his favorite spot in the library (kids section) and how he likes to tip over every chair! Seriously.
 I think he melted his grandparents' hearts by reaching up so that he could hold their hands (awww).
We also got to go to one of Cole's little friend's 1st birthday pool party! That was super fun. Cole had a blast in the water :)
We also we out to dinner twice! We totally got spoiled :) 
And then we also took family pictures!!
It's always a treat when Gram Yvonne and Grandpa Brent come to town! Thank you for all you did for us!


  1. So glad you guys had such a fun time!! These pictures are so cute.