October 27, 2015

A r i z o n a


We finally made it to Arizona! This trip was supposed to happen last fall, and then again in February this year but it never worked out until earlier this month when we went for Steve's cousin's wedding. I'm so glad I was able to make this trip with Steve! Traveling all together makes such a big difference! I only took this many pictures the whole trip, mostly from the beautiful Gilbert, AZ temple because traveling with kids is SO HARD! haha. After going to Chicago with no children in August, I'm no longer conditioned to travel with kids hahah.

It was a fun trip! And hot! I ate out at Chick-fil-a three times!! (I know, I know) and Waffle Love twice! Steve's entire family was there and we saw lots of Steve's extended family too. And I even got to see my friend Kiley and her family that I know from Texas! It was so fun to catch up! I'm not sure when we'll ever be back to Arizona so I'm glad we were able to go!


Corbin Park


Here are some recent pictures from a new favorite park, Corbin Park, in Post Falls, ID. We like to go here since it is only 10 minutes away, it's a quiet park and it's right on the river so it's perfect for tossing rocks and exploring. The weather has been so inviting this fall, I can't help but pull my camera out and take some pictures ♥

October 25, 2015

G r e e n b l u f f


So many pumpkins!!! We went up to Greenbluff with our friends on Wednesday, specifically Siemens Farm and High Country Farm. We stopped by Harvest House too, in hopes that they would be selling their famous pumpkin doughnuts on a weekday, but we had no such luck. (It's ok, we went to Krispy Kreme and got some of theirs yesterday and they will definitely hold me over :)

The boys had a blast with their friends, running around, kicking dirt, climbing on and jumping off pumpkins. We were only hoping to actually do some apple picking because the boys are obsessed with apples right now...but oh well. Next year maybe I'll be on top of it and take them on time??
Either way, we looooove fall. ♥