October 25, 2015

G r e e n b l u f f


So many pumpkins!!! We went up to Greenbluff with our friends on Wednesday, specifically Siemens Farm and High Country Farm. We stopped by Harvest House too, in hopes that they would be selling their famous pumpkin doughnuts on a weekday, but we had no such luck. (It's ok, we went to Krispy Kreme and got some of theirs yesterday and they will definitely hold me over :)

The boys had a blast with their friends, running around, kicking dirt, climbing on and jumping off pumpkins. We were only hoping to actually do some apple picking because the boys are obsessed with apples right now...but oh well. Next year maybe I'll be on top of it and take them on time??
Either way, we looooove fall. ♥


  1. Oh my goodness, these pictures are too cute. You're so darn talented. And seeing those kids together makes my heart happy. Thanks for going with us!!

    1. Thanks Stefani! Cole looooves Josie! He had so much fun with her. I need to send these pictures to you so you can have them too!