August 22, 2014

Five years.


Today we have been married for five years! I don't know what it is about number five, but I feel like Steve and I have been talking about this anniversary ever since before our 4 year anniversary! I think it has something to do with the fact that this is the first year where we are no longer in school! yay! Five years seems like a long time, but at the same time, it's like our life is just now really starting to happen if you know what I mean.

This year for our anniversary we're doing a little getaway to the Coeur d'Alene resort but we were only able to make reservations for a couple weekends from now because apparently the weekend of August 22nd is really busy! But for today, in honor of our five year, here are five things that I love about Steve:

1. I love that Steve is the daddy to our two boys. Seriously, what a great example my boys have. I feel more relieved when I think that I have Steve at my side, helping me raise our boys. We're not perfect parents but together I feel like we actually have a shot at this thing. I know that I can trust that Steve wants the very best for them and is willing to sacrifice for them. And I love him so much for it.

2.Whenever we get in fights, he's always the first one to say he's sorry. A good quality to have and something that I obviously need to get better at.

3. Steve is actually an amazing cook! Hello, what girl wouldn't love this in a husband?! But this is something that I didn't really know about him when we first got married. Steve loves to cook but only with the best (most expensive;) ingredients which means it always turns out really really yummy. Cowboy burgers, roasts, chicken sandwiches. And my personal favorite: pancakes. Steve makes the most amazing homemade pancakes I have ever had! They're perfectly fluffy but they also melt in your mouth and I have no idea how he does it! He just eyeballs his recipe every time which makes it very hard to recreate! I've tried a handful of times and have failed every single time. Ha. Steve, keep it up. Your cooking is simply amazing. ♥

4. Steve always makes me feel beautiful. Even when I'm not looking my best, somehow he still makes me feel like I'm drop dead gorgeous. haha. I don't know how he does it, but hey, I like being around it ;)

5. I married an incredibly hard working man. One of his best qualities is that failure doesn't shut him down; it wakes him up, pushes him to try harder until he succeeds. And he always does. He also never gets embarrassed. Seriously, I've never known him to be embarrassed and you put those two things together and you get someone who brushes off failure like it's NBD. It just makes him try again until he's figured out what works. This is one thing I've always loved about him and I'm super proud of all of his accomplishments.

I love you, Steve. Thanks for letting me brag about you ;) But especially thanks for making the last five years by far the best of my life ♥

August 18, 2014

Better late than never.


Better late than never.

I don't think there's a better phrase to describe what I'm about to talk about: Potty training.
Cole is officially potty trained! He has been for a couple months now, but now that we've finally rewarded him with the bike we promised him, it actually feels like a done deal now. My adorable three and a half year old is potty trained! Every time I think about it I get this huge sense of relief. Something that seemed like it would never happen, well, it happened and we couldn't be prouder of our big boy.

The reason it took so long was because I did not want to potty train him while we were staying with Steve's parents. I had nightmares of him peeing in a corner somewhere and me not knowing about it and really, what's worst when you're staying as a guest in someone else's house?!

So once we moved into our new place, he actually potty trained really quickly. We rewarded him with taking him bowling and then this past weekend we finally got him his big boy bike which I'd been promising him ever since we bought him big boy undies way back in March of 2013. He loves his new balance bike and I will have to post pictures of him riding it soon. He's still getting a hang of it.

So proud of you, Cole.

August 7, 2014

S u m m e r F u n!


First of all I just want to say those puddle jumpers are the best invention ever!! They've made water fun enjoyable for both me and Cole :) This summer (so far) has been so.much.FUN!! Seriously, summers in Spokane are simply perfect and I'm already kind of dreading the winter. We've been to lots of splash pads, Coeur d'Alene lake, the Spokane river twice and eaten lots of pb&j sandwiches in between. (Cole doesn't even like pb&j but he will eat it if it's the only thing I've got in my bag;) Cole has loved every second of it and Logan has even learned to like the water himself. Summer, you've been too good to us. ♥