August 18, 2014

Better late than never.


Better late than never.

I don't think there's a better phrase to describe what I'm about to talk about: Potty training.
Cole is officially potty trained! He has been for a couple months now, but now that we've finally rewarded him with the bike we promised him, it actually feels like a done deal now. My adorable three and a half year old is potty trained! Every time I think about it I get this huge sense of relief. Something that seemed like it would never happen, well, it happened and we couldn't be prouder of our big boy.

The reason it took so long was because I did not want to potty train him while we were staying with Steve's parents. I had nightmares of him peeing in a corner somewhere and me not knowing about it and really, what's worst when you're staying as a guest in someone else's house?!

So once we moved into our new place, he actually potty trained really quickly. We rewarded him with taking him bowling and then this past weekend we finally got him his big boy bike which I'd been promising him ever since we bought him big boy undies way back in March of 2013. He loves his new balance bike and I will have to post pictures of him riding it soon. He's still getting a hang of it.

So proud of you, Cole.

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