September 30, 2014

10 months old!

IMG_853410 months!110 months!IMG_8562bwIMG_8534bw

This boy just steals my heart! He is 10 months old! And he is full on walking now! Practically running I feel like! He has just learned everything so fast! I can hardly handle it. He also learned how to throw balls and he babbles a lot. I'm pretty sure he wishes he was a big kid like his big brother because he's always trying to be in the middle of the action. Add that on top of walking, he kind of gets hurt a lot now :/ In general though, he is a really happy baby, who will almost always smile at anyone who talks to him :) He also learned to point but is still working on clapping! Steve says he's seen him do it but I still haven't ever seen it!

People are always commenting on how big and blue his eyes are! They really are! Just like his brother's :) 2 more short months and he will be one. I can't believe it. Love you Logan man!

10 months old today! He prefers walking over crawling, he learned how to throw balls this past month, he babbles a lot and he has the cutest curly/frizzy hair (did he get that from me?! ) I love him so much. ❤️ Happy 10 months to this beautiful boy!In their matching hoodies allll day long. This happy little face makes me happy.

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