September 17, 2014

9 months old.


Oh Logan, you are such a beautiful baby ♥ The biggest thing that has happened this month is that he learned how to walk at 9 and a half months!! He still a little wobbly, but still, he can take about 5-8 steps at a time and I'm seriously in awe! He has grown up so so so fast. It's amazing how different each child is.

This month his hair has gotten quite a bit longer, but only on the sides! I love love LOVE his hair! The curls are the cutest thing to me. And after he wakes wake up from his naps, his hair is always crazy looking and frizzy from sleeping all over it haha. But when it gets wet, it turns into little spiral curls and dries that way too. I could die, I love it so much!

Another thing that he's started this month is he always makes this cute little humming noise when I lay him down in his crib for bed. He loves to snuggle up in the covers and sleep on his tummy. I always stroke his face before I leave the room and he hums back as if to say he's really comfortable. Or maybe it's his way of saying he loves me? ;) Either way, it's sweet.

Actually in general, Logan is still a very cuddly, snuggly little thing, especially when he's tired. Whenever there's a pile of clothes or pillows or blankets on the ground, he always knows just what to do with them: he lays his little head on it. It's adorable. :)

I love you sweet boy!

I spy some cute little teeth and some cute little curls. ☺️ I love it all!Steve always gets the best smiles out of him :)

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