September 25, 2012

Pleasant surprises

I've been feeling a little bit spoiled lately. Not only did Steve get me the cutest card out of nowhere last week, but this past Saturday he came home and surprised me with flowers!! I'm beginning to think he made it a personal goal to surprise me every now and then because Steve never does this kind of stuff and here he's done it two weeks in a row! 
I'm definitely not complaining :) 
I thought the card was so sweet and the flowers...oh my goshhhhhh, I forgot how nice it is to have flowers in the house. When he surprised me with them I was like a giddy little girl (silly and cliche of me) 
And for the past few days I can't stop myself from taking pictures of them. They're just so pretty and perfect! And they seem to make our home feel that much happier :) Plus, on top of that, they fit perfectly in the mason jars I spray painted this weekend. So, it's like a whole new feel to our home now, with my pinterest crafts and the flowers displaying in the kitchen. I love it :)


  1. Lauren, the jars turned out SOOO cute!! Oh my gosh, I love the silver. And those flowers are so gorgeous. Steve is such a sweetheart.
    And your coffee filter flowers are adorable. And I love your fridge magnets. And I love love love this post. Your pictures are so beautiful :):)

  2. Awwww, that's super cute! I love the "vase" :)

  3. I loved this post! Made me happy to read how sweet Steve is. :) And I agree, flowers make all the difference in the world... and that's not coming from a florist's wife or anything. Sure miss you guys. I love the pics on your fridge too. I want to put more on our fridge too! :) K, so I just pretty much want to be just like all my sisters. :)

  4. Pretty flowers for pretty you. Love all the pictures!

  5. Love the mason jars...what a great idea! I keep searching for "vases" like those and never think to make my own! I'm inventive in the kitchen but I am DEFINITELY NOT crafty!! lol! Thanks for the idea ;-)