October 8, 2012

Nice n cozy weekend

Conference. Cinnamon rolls. Hanging out all day in our pajamas. And more conference.
That's what our weekend looked like.
The seasons seemed to literally change over night. One day we were wearing shorts and flip flops and the next it was time to pull out Cole's fleece pajamas and make cinnamon rolls! And not it's October! Such a fun time of year :) 
Now, on to the list of things to do during this fall season:
Pumpkin patch. State fair. Pumpkin carving. Pumpkin pie. Cole's halloween costume (I got to get on that). Corn maze. Trick or treating. And whatever else. 
We'll see how many of these things we actually do, if any ;)


  1. I really love this time of year too! Cole is such a little cutie! Glad you guys had a great conference weekend! :)

  2. I keep thinking I need start a "conference and cinnamon rolls" tradition. I hear of so many that do that. Maybe next conference?

  3. The cinnamon rolls look so good! Can I have one? :)