June 3, 2012

Happy June!

June 3rd. 
I cannot believe that it is June 3rd already! The year is nearly half over!
This weekend has been fun and relaxing. Yesterday we didn't really have anything going on so we went out for a walk and I made this little video which is always fun for me. 
Now that it's June, those pretty pink flowers have bloomed in lots of the trees here. I love them so much. They make Texas so pretty and I will miss them whenever we move in a year and a half. 
This past week I also put together a new journal for me to write down inspirational quotes or any thoughts I might have. When I was younger, and used to listen to lots of different kinds of music, I would write down lyrics that I liked and I would try to be a poet myself ;) I even wrote a couple of my own songs and I want to get back into that and that's why I mod podged this new journal! I even have a new inspiration board right above my "desk" which I'll have to take a picture of when it's more finished looking.

We started the month off by staying up way too late last night which threw us off for the rest of the day. I slept in too late to make my smoothie in time for church (gasp!) and so I had it for dinner this evening instead. Breakfast for dinner. My favorite. We got home from church, put Cole down for a nap, and then we had a nap too and we all didn't wake up until 7 pm. Needless to say, it's been kind of a weird day!

So, Happy June!!

(ps, my poor niece Juliette broke her elbow yesterday :( Poor baby girl; I hope everything goes well when she gets her cast on tomorrow.)


  1. Hi Lauren,
    long time but, quiet follower, Hailey here! I love your little videos and your sweet family! :) June has always been a weird month for me but, that little beginning to june of your life sounds a little crazy. I hope your niece, Juliette, heals fast and is okay!
    hailey :)

  2. Your video is so beautiful! I love that your getting into writing more. You are fabulous at writing lyrics and I can't wait to see what you come up with. And yes, happy June!

  3. Happy June! Hope we can talk soon.