June 4, 2012

instagram: the past three weeks

I post pictures to instagram all the time. Emma would be so ashamed of me. I'm just waiting for her to get a smart phone though ;)

sunset in my rearview mirror // Cole playing with grandma :)
Cole's new baby flip flops. I LOVE them! // Johnny Carino's for dinner while Steve's parents were in town. (honestly, we took turns taking Cole outside to keep him entertained since it was wayyy past his bedtime. We pretty much spent the majority of the time outside :/)
sunset // the happy family out to dinner
Costa Vida!! // sunset. again.
quiet afternoon with my man // Cole playing in his kiddie pool for the first time! He loves it!
kiddie pool time. again. // barefoot. cliche, I know. But you know, why not?
me. excited. first day using WEN! // new key hook frame. Wondering where the car keys were every time we needed to leave was getting old.
Letting Cole play with the guitar. He's going to be a musician. // He found the Christmas wrapping paper and decided to turn it into a toy.
orange nails and a blue outfit :) // the moon. can you see it?
We went to Toys R Us and the baby chairs are what Cole thought were the most interesting out of all the toys there. So Grandma got him that blue one :) // going for a run with my fiji water
Stuck at a stop light. I just think the underpasses here look cool. // treating ourselves to some ice cream on a family walk.
dark chocolate covered acai blueberries. nuff said. // I was proud of my braids on Saturday :)

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  1. Lucky you with your smartphone! Fun pics!

  2. Very cute pics! It makes me want a smartphone, too. And good for you, going for a run! I really wish we could be running buddies. I haven't been since that one time I mentioned it on my blog. ;/