May 2, 2012

on a drive...

We are back from Utah and although it was sad to leave and say good-bye to friends and family, it's still good to be home :)
We were spoiled by Emma and Jake who let us use their car (thank you!!!) to drive back and forth from Orem to Saratoga Springs where we were staying with our good friends Brandon and Mandy for a good portion of the trip. We would spend the morning with them and then drive to Orem and spend the day and evening with my mom and sisters and then we'd drive back to Saratoga Springs for the night. So, it was a lot of driving! 
One evening on our drive back to Saratoga Springs, I took those pictures above. I took so many pictures of the mountains and sky. Somehow it all seemed so much more beautiful than I remember it being!
I have so many pictures to go through and edit, it's kind of ridiculous but it's the way I like it, so no complaining here :) I thought I'd share these ones first!


  1. Seriously, the COOLEST pics!! I NEED to take a photography class!!! ;-)

  2. These are beautiful, Lauren! And any time. You can HAVE our car if you just come be my next door neighbor!!! :D