May 2, 2012

instagram pics of our trip!

I posted every last one of these on the sisters blog yesterday. Sorry for the repeat but I wanted them on this blog too!
I cluttered my instagram with pics from our Utah trip and these are most of them.

Emma's awesome chalk drawing // on our way to the "fairy orchard" for the sisters shoot
Emma, Annie and Lissie being cute at City Creek // the beautiful view from Saratoga Springs
cherry blossoms (in the fairy orchard) // shopping with Emma
shadowing Marie on a photoshoot // airplane in the sky
mountains and snow! // picture at my grandparents of my parents shortly after they were married :)
American flag at f21 // awesome tribal print skirt my mom bought me. love it!
the hat at h&m I should have bought Cole. but didn't :( // Steve's new shirt from the quiksilver outlet
tie dye headband (looove!) // butterflies at the Bean museum on BYU campus
lots of butterflies in the shape of a butterfly! // Emma and Annabelle. Cuties.
cute cousins playing in a box :) // Emma and I blowing out a dandelion :)
pretty sky in Saratoga Springs // snuggling in the morning
brunch at Kneaders! no, I didn't get that but it looked good! // met up with Deborah and her fiance :)
shopping with Lissie // road tripping to Manti for a wedding
Dad bought Lissie a bridal magazine?! // showing off our dollar tree sunglasses
pretending to be a wedding photographer in Manti // pretzels > peanuts
the sky above Texas // keeping Cole entertained on a plane
last picture of Lissie and Cole together // last activity of the entire trip was buying make-up at Target! :)

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