March 25, 2012

a perfect weekend

Perfect because:
*I took my friend's family pictures at the most beautiful lake I never knew existed only 20 minutes away from my house! And they all turned out pretty dang cute; I'm excited to post them...tomorrow I think :)

*I found the perfect field of blue bonnets! It's easy to get to, it's beautiful and I'm taking Cole there asap so that he can frolic through them. he he. Oh, and so I can take his picture in them ;)

*And we went to the pool for a barbeque with friends yesterday. I think Cole probably braved the water the best; it was still a bit cold. He loved it though! 

*Also, we saw much more of Steve this weekend than last weekend when he took his boards. The last couple days have been so relaxing...I wish every weekend could be like this!


  1. You are getting so good at photography! All those pics look great! And hurrah for seeing Steve more this weekend! That is always nice!

  2. Baby Cole, I can't wait to see you:) and that lake sounds awesome!!!

  3. You definitely need a pic of Cole and his blue bonnet in the field of blue bonnets! Happy Weekend!

  4. You really need to cherish those weekends because they don't seem to happen that often! I actually find weekends more eventful after having had my son, whereas when it was just my husband and I we wasted our weekend away working or just laying on the couch!!