March 27, 2012

a typical afternoon at our house....

We had just came in from running around in the sun.
Cole was hungry so I made him.....WAFFLES!!
He loves them just as much as his mama.
In fact, he loves all breads and nothing healthy and it drives me crazy!!!!
So, this video is nearly two minutes of him eating his waffles haha.
Pretty exciting ;)


  1. He's so cute! And I love waffles too! I need to make them this week!

  2. His giggle is the cutest thing ever!! And how he was tearing that waffle apart, piece by piece. So adorable :)

  3. Parker loves waffles {and bread} too! I ended up buying organic blueberry wheat waffles in the attempt to make them a little healthier. He will eat them! haha

  4. What a doll! At least he doesn't eat only JUNK food...waffles aren't that bad! Btw, did he give you the "finger" at one point in the video?! lol!

  5. he's the cutest!!! And someday can you teach me how to make videos like that? Do you have to have an iMac or did you do that all through Vimeo? I take a lot of videos (they're not as nice or HD as yours) but I still have a lot of videos I'd like to do something with. I love that it's just an everyday normal thing too like eating waffles. So cute!

    PS- let's start planning our Europe trip now ;)

  6. Those waffles look so fluffy. I can see why they are a favorite. Fun video!