January 4, 2012

Ice skating in Spokane

Here are the pictures I took when we went ice skating a couple days ago! It was a lot of fun, super cold though! I hadn't been that cold in a long time. I do live in Texas now after all ;)
It'd been two whole years since the last time I'd gone and I was totally rusty. I didn't look like a natural at all.   You will see what I mean in the video I put together. This video is super choppy. Sorry about that :/ I have no idea what I did wrong when putting it together or how to change it. I need to learn though!
If nothing else, it's a fun memory to have :)
Next time hopefully Cole will be old enough to skate with us. He was just on the sidelines this time around.


  1. Fun!! I went roller blading at a party the other day, and felt super rusty (since it's a lot like ice skating!!) You did great though! And you're so gorgeous :)

  2. Looks like a lot of fun, Lauren. I almost forgot that you and Emily had ice skating lessons when you were little!