January 5, 2012


It's our last day here in Spokane :( Tomorrow we're flying back to Texas. The only good thing about that is that hopefully Cole will get back on a normal sleep schedule. Ever since we've been on our trip, he has refused to sleep in the pack n play...so he sleeps with us. Not only that but he has reverted to being a newborn and wakes up multiple times a night and wants to nurse. You would never guess that we have a one year old at night. I just don't have the energy to sleep train him again...especially when we're not in our own house and when we're on vacation!

But other than his horrible sleeping habits, we're sad to say good-bye to family and head back to real life. I think Cole will especially miss all the attention he's been getting from his wonderful grandparents and aunt and uncles. He'll also miss that adorable mini blue guitar that was given to his Uncle Ben while we've been here. He played with that thing nearly every day! And Cole has rhythm; he hears the rhythm in everything: all music, that guitar, a dripping faucet, a running washing machine. He'll start to shake to the beat. It's the most adorable thing ever!

Anyway, today for our last day of vacation, we made sure that it counted! We went out to lunch, took family pictures, Yvonne and I went to Planet Beach where she treated me to aqua-massage and red light therapy! 
And then tonight we made mini apples pies together :) YUM! I'll post pictures of those later :)
We pretty much had a blast. I'm so so lucky to have such wonderful in-laws :)


  1. Wow, it's already time for you to go back to TX? :( I liked having you in the same state! And I adore your inlaws too! They are some of the sweetest people! I don't even know what an aqua-massage or red light therapy is! haha Sounds cool, though!

    And I love that bit about Cole finding the rhythm in everything. Too cute!

    Travel safe tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you guys.

  2. Your little man is so so adorable. I loved seeing him bob his body to the bead of music. And I'm so glad you've had such a great time with your in-laws!! Sounds like they've been awfully good to you ;)
    Travel safely tomorrow! Love you :)

  3. I noticed how Cole liked the ukelele and would dance to the beat of the music. He's a mini-musician! Travel safely!