June 27, 2011

5 years since my Abitur

This summer marks FIVE YEARS since I graduated with my Abitur from German school!!!
I just can't even believe it! It doesn't seem like that long ago but 5 years is a long time. And when I think about all that's happened since then, well, I guess it does feel like 5 years ago after all. When I think about my life then and my life now, it feels like I've lived 2 different lives. Have you ever felt like that?

I never thought that I would miss German school, but I actually kind of do. Or maybe it's that I just miss Germany and my family in general. I haven't been back in over 2 years now! I need to do something about this. Yeah, that's probably it. I definitely do not miss German school work. ha!

Back in the summer of 2006, the World Cup was going on. And the German soccer team was doing pretty well. We were all so proud of the team and we all wanted them to win. That's why the two boys in the front (Benny and Florian) are holding up a German flag that says "Weltmeister" across it. I remember how people would gather together in the city square and watch the games together on a HUGE screen. I've never been all that much into sports, but I really enjoyed getting together with friends and doing this. I wanted Germany to win so bad; not because I really cared that much about soccer but because I felt like if they won it would somehow make the year that I graduated more meaningful. I'm not sure why. Maybe because it sounded cool to say I graduated from German school the year that the German team won the World Cup. Haha. Or maybe that's just lame. Anyway, the final game came down to Germany and Italy. If I remember correctly it went into over time with each team having zero goals. And then in overtime Italy scored. And Germany lost. Sad. :(
I graduated from German school the year that Germany barely lost to Italy.
Yeah it just doesn't sound as cool. Oh well.

It's so funny looking at this picture. It's so 2006. I don't know how else to put it. Do you know what I mean?

ps, can you spot me in the picture?!? :)


  1. I see you! :)

    That would have been a cool thing to say, but at least you can say you speak German and got your Abitur! That is impressive!

    PS. Will and I are seriously considering sending Isabella to a Spanish immersion school in the fall. It's kind of run like a private school and she'll show up the first day and they'll only speak Spanish to her! ;) I'll keep you posted on that.

  2. Graduating with your German Abitur is a wonderful accomplishment. And yes, I can pick you out of the crowd!

  3. I can't find you! Where are you??