June 23, 2011

An Evening in the Park

With Lindsey and her baby Max.
Aren't they so cute? Max is one of the chillest, happiest little babies ever! 
It was so fun taking their picture! :)

And did you see what my sisters and I posted on our Notes She Wrote blog this week?
Marie looks ADORABLE painting the walls of her house.
I look like a Claire's employee (according to Emma) wearing all of my accessories!
Emma looks HOTT with her ballerina bun.
And Lissie's got skills when it comes to braiding!


  1. Those pictures are amazing, Lu! Really really great job! That little boy is adooorable, and his mom is gorgeous!!

  2. you are amazing Lauren. Just beginning and you capture such fantastic photos!! that sweet mom and her little boy are just adorable :) that last photo of him snuggling up to her makes me melt!

  3. Go Lulu! These are awesome! That momma is so pretty. I love her top. And I love the lighting in the second to last one. :)

  4. such beautiful, sweet shots! the scenery is gorgeous, but the real stars are the people! love it:)

  5. Oh Lauren!!! These turned out so great! I am so shocked how great they look because I felt like I was melting in the 106 degree weather! You did such a great job and I LOVE them. Thank you so so much!

  6. You are such a talented photographer!

  7. Good Job Lauren. I'm impressed, again!