May 19, 2011

The history of my cameras

When my good sister Marie, the photographer, came to visit me in January, she brought her old camera with her. It was slightly broken but fixing it would cost much less than getting a new one which is why she brought it for me! So, this week, it finally got fixed and now I have visions of me taking beautiful pictures of my baby boy with my fancy new camera!! (In fact, the pictures from a couple posts ago were with the new camera! I just didn't want to bring too much attention to it since I don't really know what I'm doing. But I guess I just did.) 

Now that I have a new camera, I'm reminded of all the cameras I've had in the past. And what came of them.

Camera # 1:
The first one was when I was 12. At Girls Camp. I was so excited to be at Girls Camp for my very first time! I had my camera with my roll of film and its own little camera bag and I took tons of pictures of all the new friends I was making. I couldn't wait to get the film developed! Near the end of the week, we went on a hike up a big mountain. At the top, there was this railing that I leaned over to look down the mountain we'd just climbed...and before I knew it, I saw my camera tumble down the slope. who knows where.........................
I'd left the camera bag open without realizing it and the camera slipped out. My precious pictures! I still wonder what they would have looked like. That camera was gone forever.

Camera # 2:
I was 16, on a trip with my family and my friend, LaDawn in southern Germany. We were out on a lake on a paddle boat having fun and being silly even though it was raining. We were snapping pictures left and right. Just being silly girls. And as we were finishing our little paddle boat adventure and getting out of the boat, I dropped that camera in the lake. It was ruined forever. I felt horrible. I think it was my mom's camera. Sorry mom :(

Camera # 3:
This one I bought on my own when I was in college. Just a simple digital camera from Target that I got for a good deal on Black Friday. Anyway, nothing exciting, I just accidentally touched the lens and it broke!! So lame! Eventually I sent it in to get it fixed. I finally got it back. And then I left it at college while I went home for the summer. And then I got it again when I came back. And THEN I lost it. At least it was digital and I got some pictures out of it.

Camera # 4:
I did pretty good with this one. Steve got it for the both of us and surprised me with it the day that we got engaged. awww. We had a streak where we didn't know that it was set on the fluorescent setting which was turning all of our pictures blue, but we eventually figured it out and it has served us well. We still have it. It's 2 years old now. I feel pretty good about that. In fact, I think I've gotten better with each camera scenario!

Which means that this camera right here is lucky Camera # 5!! I have high hopes for this one. It has a strap to go around my neck! Thank goodness! It better have a long long long life!

Now, I just need Marie to show me the ropes!!

The very first shots with the new camera:
Maybe not the best lighting, but a pretty location either way.
Oh, and a nice model too ;)

And sorry if the flower pictures are getting annoying. But it is the month of May after all. Don't worry, these flowers will all die within a month!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I'm so excited to see more. And I for one will not get sick of flower pictures!! :)I just FB'd a bunch today, in fact.

  2. Okay, after the camera history I am a little worried for cameras #4 and #5. I think you owe me a camera . . . or a least some gorgeous pics!

  3. Texas looks like it has some amazing spots! I love that first flower picture! It is oh so gorgeous! And I have a feeling you're going to be a natural! Love you!

  4. You take some gorgeous beautiful!
    personally I never get tired of seeing flower pictures :)

  5. great pictures! andddd that's a lot of cameras...