January 30, 2014

Two months old!


I feel like I've developed a sort of routine this past month. Every morning after Logan wakes up at around 9:30 or 10 (one of the many reasons why babies are much much easier than toddlers, by the way!) I change him and between taking off his jammies and putting on a fresh outfit, I always lay his little naked body on the bed and tickle him so I can get some good morning smiles out of him! And then I take a million pictures of him. Pretty much every single day. Can't help it; he's just the cutest thing.

This past month he has learned to smile tons!! I love his toothless grin and when I get a really big smile out of him, his little tongue curls up and I just die of the cuteness!! He loves it when I talk to him...he gets like a little twinkle in his eye and I can tell he adores me :) He has also learned to put his hands in his mouth this past month and he coos just a little bit. I'm still waiting for him to full on giggle; he's not quite there yet but you better believe I'll be documenting that when it happens!! :)


  1. He's so beautiful and precious and I just love him! Cannot believe he's already 2 months old. That is so crazy!!

  2. So precious! I love your morning routine! It doesn't get better than that!

  3. Wow, two months already?! He is adorable! CONGRATS!