April 9, 2012

Celebrating Easter + a little video

The Easter bunny actually came to our house this year :) And I'm glad he did!
On Thursday, I was skyping with my mom and she reminded me that I should probably do something for Cole for Easter this year. I'm so glad she reminded me because I don't think I would have if it weren't for her! I don't know why these things don't cross my mind!
Anyway, the Easter bunny brought Cole a sand pail and shovel, pool toys (floaties), a pool noodle and some new summer clothes!! This will all be perfect because I have a feeling that Cole and I will be living at the pool this summer. We've already been to the pool twice and it's only April! I can only imagine how hot it's going to get when the real summer starts.
Easter morning, it was SO fun to watch Cole as he went on his "Easter egg hunt."  I had no idea it would be so much fun for both me and Steve to watch. I think Cole thought that our living room had turned into some kind of kid heaven. You can see it on the video, but he kept calling the colorful eggs "da" which to him means "ball" :) And once he realized that the eggs were full of little treats (chocolate cheerios and organic puffs ;) he was so excited!! I didn't get it on camera, but he finally figured out that if he threw his eggs on the ground and stepped on them, he could open up the eggs and get the treats out :)
Later in the day, we went to church and Steve and I filled in for our friends and taught the 4 year old sunbeams. I thought Steve did a good job drawing pictures on the board to help them understand the true meaning of Easter. If Christ hadn't died for us, there wouldn't be any Easter which would mean no Easter baskets, no candy, no eggs. And I think the kids actually got it. They were so cute :)
Even Cole had a blast being in primary and singing the songs with the big kids. I think he's going to love nursery...in just 2 short months!! Can't even believe it.

Well, this week I have lots to do...scouts, pictures, cleaning the house. But most importantly, mom and Lissie are coming on Wednesday!!!!! So excited to see them and take Lissie's senior pictures. And lots of cute pictures of them with Cole. I don't have enough of those :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!
(oh, and by the way, I tried uploading my video to Vimeo but it has been an absolute nightmare lately. So youtube it is.)


  1. That's funny that your mom had to "remind" you! I'm surprised no one reminded me...but then again my son is 1 year old-he wouldn't know the difference anyway! ;-)

  2. Gah! Are you serious? That little boy just gets more and more handsome! And he's totally starting to look like an Allred!! Oh man, next Thursday could not come soon enough!!!

  3. Smart little boy figuring out how to get the treats out! Sounds like a good Easter!

  4. I was thinking that he starting to look like an Allred, too! He actually reminds me of Dad in this video. I can't get enough of your videos, Lu! What a sweet and handsome boy you have! Glad it was such a good Easter and that E. Bunny came for Cole. :)

  5. He's going to love the pics and video when he gets a little older. Please send me the YouTube link -- it wouldn't play in Germany :((