August 7, 2010


Already I feel like the Venus of Willendorf. I got love handles overnight.

And I'm only a little more than half way there!

So, after I checked out every single pregnancy book from all 5 of the city's libraries, I came up with a pretty sweet prenatal work out plan. This includes swimming, yoga stretches, hand weights. So far I've kept to this plan about 75% of the time :)

Any more advice for me ladies? :)


  1. I didn't really "work out" per say, but I did try to take the stairs and park far away from the store...
    Way to go with your 75%!!

  2. I bought a Prenatal Yoga Dvd, and theres this set called "Moms into Fitness" thats made for pregnancy. It combines cardio, yoga, and strength training. Also if you have a gym membership, the elliptical and walking the treadmill on an incline are good! But despite it all, I still got huge! haha