August 31, 2010

Looks like we have a little turtle ;)

Earlier this month Steve and I got to go to the doctor to find out if we're having a boy or a girl!!

It was so exciting to see our baby's little fingers, feet, legs, arms, spine, face....SO CUTE!

The technician then asked us if we wanted to know the gender. Um, YES! "Because I already know," she said.

Well that kind of gave it away. She then pointed out what she called a little "turtle" and Steve immediately knew what it was ;) WE'RE HAVING A BOY!!!!! And we're both very excited :)

I still think about how crazy it is that I have a little baby boy inside me. Four months to go and we'll be holding this little guy in our arms :)

Steve was actually surprised to find out that we're having a boy because he was convinced that it was a girl. But somehow I wasn't really surprised. I kind of had a gut feeling that it was a sweet baby boy. Whenever I imagined what the baby looked like inside of me, it was always the image of a baby boy! We already had a girl name picked out (Natalie Marie) and so now it's been fun going through boy names. Looks like the little guy is going to be named Parker Stephen. We've now been referring to this little fetus as "The Parkster." Cute, right? :)

Here are some pics of me as a pregnant lady which some people have been asking about:

Here I am strutting my belly at about 22 weeks

And me again at about 24 weeks, taken just a couple days ago

The Parkster is just getting bigger and bigger and kicking away. Not only is he making my belly bigger but my face seems to be getting chubbier by the day too. Oh boy!!


  1. The pics are so cute!!! You look very good, pregnancy suits you :D

  2. So exciting!!! I love the name you have picked out as well.. so adorable. And you're a hottie! Way to strut that belly. :)

  3. YAY!! I LOVE little boys... personally I think theyre way more fun than girls... but then again I'm bias! haha. By the way, you're TINY. I'm pretty sure I looked like your 24 week photo at 16 weeks! Love the name!

  4. SOO cute! You're the cutest pregnant girl EVER! I love your tiny tummy. I wish I could see it! Love all the posts :) Ahh, I can't WAIT to meet this little guy! Baby Parker, I love you!

  5. First it was Little Lemonhead, then Turtle, and now Parkster . . . fun how his nicknames have evolved :)

  6. what the crap!? lauren! for some reason your posts doesn't show on my google reader! so i didn't know that you've been posting! i need to catch up!

    p.s your belly is the cutest thing!