August 31, 2015

C h i c a g o // Wicker Park


Wicker Park!!!!!

We had to visit Wicker Park because that movie has been our favorite movie since I introduced it to Steve shortly after we got married. When we were in chiropractic school, we would watch it at the end of every semester and it became some sort of ritual for us. It's probably why we ever wanted to come to Chicago in the first place. Well, come to find out, Wicker Park, the movie, takes place in Chicago but was never actually filmed there. Ok then. And when we finally went to the actual Wicker Park itself, it doesn't look at all like how it is portrayed in the film. In fact, there were lots of homeless people smoking weed. Haha.

But we walked around the area anyway and it was fun and dreamy! It seemed artsy and European to me with all the cafes. I loved the murals and all the old-looking buildings. It was a perfect sunny Sunday afternoon when we walked through. If it hadn't been Sunday I'm sure we would have sat down at one of those cafes and gotten something to eat. Next time!

C h i c a g o // Navy Pier


Lake Michigan is so huge, it feels like the ocean! And everyone seems to treat it like the ocean too! One of the first things we did was rent bike and ride along the shore line for miles. It was so beautiful. The weather was amazing. If you looked to one side, it seemed like you were in some beach town in New England, but if you looked to the other side, it was like you were in New York City. I've never experienced a city like that where it seemed to have everything. Beach town and urban city life all rolled into one. I wish I had taken more pictures with my camera as we rode around on our bikes, but that's kind of hard to do (and probably illegal or something?!) so this is all I got. Still beautiful.

C h i c a g o // iphone edition

UntitledRenting bikes was the best idea we had! We loved riding along the lake front. Such a fun way to see the city!UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledMy cute man leading the way. 🚲The view from up high. 🙌UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled

Here are all my favorite iphone pictures from Chicago. First of all, one of my favorite things to do when I go on vacation is to eat all the yummy food!!! I always do my research and in this case, Stan's Donuts had very high reviews and I totally understand why. That old fashioned glazed donut? Oh my. I'm suddenly hungry for one just thinking about it ;) And I got another filled with biscoff and banana. Ahhhhh. I want another one haha. I made sure to document those suckers thoroughly too.

Also, I'll never understand why Spokane doesn't have a Chick fil-a. I mean seriously. It's fast food, it should be everywhere. I love that place. The fries and the shakes, just yum. I think I am seriously hungry writing this haha.

On one of the days, we went into the city to shop the Magnificent Mile. If I were rich, this place would be heaven. But even for someone like me, it was a lot of fun. First, we walked into the MAC store where Alyse and I browsed all the fun makeup and where one of the girls working there totally complimented my hair! This stuff never happens to me, but it did IN THE MAC STORE. DOWNTOWN CHICAGO. I was flattered :) I sampled MAC's ruby woo red lip stick and then we left the store and my lipstick stayed on pretty much the rest of the day. I should probably just pay the $20 and get that lipstick but I'm kind of cheap.

Next, we walked into F21 and I found that lovely hat on sale and so I bought it and I still love it. Having all that time to just pamper myself without any kids felt amazing haha.

Our first evening there, we rode our bikes everywhere and we came upon Milennium Park where they were having a concert in the park and it was packed. I think Chicago is like a dream come true, especially in the summer. Everyone was outside, happy and enjoying the weather and all the events the city had to offer. We told people we wanted to live here, even if it was temporary, and they all told us to come back in the winter, we might have a different opinion of the place. And you know what, I think they're right ;) I'm sure all that wind mixed with cold can get a little unbearable.

A big shout out to Alyse for always obliging when I asked her to take our picture, I especially love the pictures of Steve and I in front of the Bean. And a HUGE thank you to Steve's parents for watching our boys. They took such great care of them that I don't think they missed us at all. And honestly, I didn't ever worry about them which is such a blessing. I can't wait to go on a trip like this again!!!

August 16, 2015

Summer's almost over!


And it makes me so sad!! I'm going to miss being able to be outside as much as we want and how light out it stays until late, and going swimming at the beach last minute. And ice cream and milkshakes when it's blazing hot outside! Last minute play dates at the park. I never knew how much I loved summer til I moved to Washington. Summer 2015 has been so great.