June 16, 2015

E i g h t y ' s - s t y l e

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Well there you have it. Lots of  pictures of us dressed up in our 80's getup from a few weeks ago. Our friend Kassidy turned 30 and our others friends LeeAnn and Jill threw the funnest 80's themed party ever!! Honestly, it was probably the funnest party I've ever been to. Steve and I literally danced the whole night together. He's my all time favorite person to dance with and it totally reminded me of our dating days. Lucky me, I got to marry him ;) Who knew 80's music could be so fun?! And we love our friends here too. We really lucked out here in Liberty Lake!

Half the fun was dressing up for this thing! The crazy thing is that we found what we're wearing at the mall!! Apparently 80's style is making a comeback?! So much neon!! Steve's not really into costumes and stuff but I made him find something and when he put it all on he said "I feel like a teenager." Haha. I did too. Before the party I had to get something at the store and I swear I got so many looks. I'm sure everyone was like what is that girl wearing?! I've seriously never worn a romper before. But I just might wear it again! At the pool or something ;)

This party got me thinking about Steve's big 3-0 in just a couple months!!! And on top of that it's his golden birthday!! I really need to plan something good. The pressure's on ;)

And here's a clip of some of the dancing...the lighting's all creepy because it was so dark and I tried to lighten it up a little bit so you can actually see what's going on!


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