March 17, 2015

Point No Point, WA


It was windy/chilly but the kids still had so much fun at the beach. Point No Point is only about an hour from Marie's house and the drive to it is absolutely breath-taking. This was my first time being on the western part of Washington in about 3-4 years and I'd completely forgotten just how beautiful it is there!

When we were there, it was all I could do to keep Logan from going straight into the waves! He seemed to have no hesitation getting soaking wet! Not to mention freezing cold! So that was kind of a challenge but it just made me laugh to myself :) And I don't even want to know how much sand Logan ended up eating while we were there! I remember telling him "Logan! Don't eat the sand!!" And Cole overheard me and he said to me: "Mommy, I got sand on my cupcake and I ate it all up and it was deeeeeeeeelicious!" Haha. Cupcakes with frosting + kids on a sandy beach don't really go together just FYI ;)

Next time I hope we can make it all the way to the Washington or Oregon coast! It was another 3 hours away which I wasn't feeling up to at the time but eventually I'll do it!

Ps, enjoy the video! It's less than a minute long :)

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