March 23, 2015

Telling Jokes.


Cole is now 4 years and 3 months old. And his new thing is he likes to tell "jokes." The jokes he likes to tell are pretty much a variation of the same joke and it goes something like this:

"Hey mom, when does the house talk?" (He has also used tree as a variation.)

"I don't know, Cole. When does it talk?"

"At...... SUMMERTIME!! Hahahahah! Is that a funny joke, mom?!"

"SO funny, Cole! Who taught you that joke?!"

"Jesus did!"

Haha. Yes. So funny. Probably not for the same reason that he thinks ;) According to him, Jesus has taught him so many things! I don't really know where he comes up with this stuff but he likes to tell me this joke a lot. He's basically a comedic genius. And he always says that Jesus taught him :)

He has also been prefacing almost everything he says with: "Hey mommy/daddy, I need to tell you something..." Haha. I kind of love it. And he frequently will finish the thought by saying: "You're the best." ♥

And one of my favorite things that he does right now is he'll respond to things we tell him by saying: "Serious?!" in a high pitched voice. It just makes me smile :) Four year olds are pretty great.

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