March 16, 2015

S e a t t l e

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I decided to take a little road trip across the state a couple weeks ago and visit Marie in Seattle. It was my first time road tripping with just me and the boys and everything went so smoothly! It was such a fun trip! We went to the beach, took the ferry into Seattle, enjoyed yummy pastries from Pike's Place Market, checked out a real-life hobbit house! And when the kids went to bed in the evening, Marie and I would take off and run some fun errands! Like, Jack in the box milk shakes and cadbury eggs and TARGET!! It was basically a perfect trip with some much needed sister time and Cole and Logan got to spend some quality time getting to know their cousins more. I can't wait to do it again!!

All of these pictures are from my phone. I basically just dumped them here without any order to them at all. :)

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