May 22, 2014

I looked out the window...


Last night as I put him to bed he told me:
"You have pretty eyes, mommy."
"I love your smile."

Yesterday he had is first ever dentist appointment! Back when we were in Utah, he somehow busted his mouth while he was playing. We still don't really know what happened but he said it was "the door" and so we're guessing that he slammed into the door or something because is was pretty bad! His left front tooth and the two teeth to the left of it got smashed in and they were totally wobbly for a while there :( I really thought that he was going to have to get it pulled. Sure enough, about a month after it happened his left front tooth started turning grey. So we took him in to get it checked out and luckily the doc said that there's nothing to be done other than wait for it to fall out! I was a little sad that he wouldn't have his perfect little teeth and his perfect little smile, but it's funny how when it's your kid you just love them exactly the way they are. His gray tooth doesn't seem imperfect to me, it's just him as if he was always supposed to be this way.

What Cole doesn't realize is that his eyes are much much prettier than mine. And I dare say I love his smile more than he loves mine, gray tooth and all ♥

Cole had his first ever dentist appt today! I was a little nervous because I didn't know if he would cooperate (brushing teeth is a daily battle) but he was a little angel!  And even though this appt was long overdue, doc says his teeth are fine :)   Afte


  1. I didn't know his tooth turned grey! I'm so sorry, but man is he gorgeous. Wow. These pictures are so beautiful. His eyes really are incredible -- something he got from you ;)
    And what a brave boy at the dentist. Annabelle has never been... it's probably about time :/

  2. I loved the way you wrote this! Glad his tooth is going to be okay and I think his toothless grin is going to be waaay adorable.