March 28, 2014

Up since 4 am.

Life with a three year old. Whew. It's knocking me off my feet! I took this video of the boys at 8 am this morning. (For me, that's early and you can hear it in my voice.) Cole had been up since 4 am! This little video will give you a good idea of how active he is these days. He's turned into this little boy who loves to play with kids of all ages, is constantly humming/singing, talks to everyone at the playground and hates going to bed every. single. night.

He's a happy go lucky little thing and what I love about him is that it doesn't matter who you are or how old you are: he wants to play with you!

And Logan, well, he loves his big brother; you can see it in the way he looks at him and it melts my heart. I love my two boys and I don't know how I got so lucky to have them ♥

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  1. Oh my goodness, he is so so cute! Annabelle just watched this with me and said: I want him to come over NOW!! He is so adorable with Logan too. Oh man, we're excited to see you tomorrow!!!! :D