January 28, 2014



I love having two boys. They are the cutest brothers. Sometimes when I have them both in my arms it will all of a sudden hit me: these are my two babies. I have two!! And it just seems so crazy all of a sudden.

Logan is still little enough that they can't fight or anything; they just love each other. Cole wants to kiss him and hold him all day long and Logan just lights up whenever his big brother is around talking to him. I overheard Cole telling Logan the other day: "When you get big I want to play with you!" He's so excited to have a little buddy around. Whenever he's watching a show, he always asks if Logan can come watch with him on the couch. Haha. He's like me: he hates watching tv alone!

At this age they adore each other and I hope it stays this way for as long as possible! These two brothers have my heart; I just love them so so much. ♥

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