December 30, 2013

Cole turns 3!!


On December 20th Cole turned three years old. Honestly I just can't even believe that I have a three year old. It doesn't feel like three whole years ago that he was born! And now he's so big! I tried to make his birthday as special as I could: we took him to the dollar store on his birthday and let him pick out any toy that he wanted (I know, we really went all out ;) He chose a bouncy baseball that is attached to some elastic string that attaches to his wrist. It was a good choice I guess because he has played with it non stop :)

"Mimi" made him a chocolate cake, which is what he requested. I was so grateful for her help with his birthday because I'm still trying to figure this "being a mom of two" thing out. I seem to hardly have time to go to the bathroom let alone plan a birthday party for Cole! Next year I hope we can have a cute themed party with all of his friends. He would love that so much :)

But for this year he sure did get some awesome presents! Steve and I got him some new books, an art set with water colors, crayons and colored pencils and we also got him a Texas Rangers hat! It seemed perfect since he is a Texas boy after all and he loves hats :) And he definitely loves his hat!! I think he tried to wear it to church last Sunday!

Mimi and Papa got him some hockey sticks! My parents got him the cutest German toys and a new book about a cat named Mr. Wuffles. And Uncle Craig got him a cute little baseball mitt! And he loved it all. At the end of the day after he had opened all his presents, he ran around the house wearing his Texas Rangers hat with his hockey stick in one hand and his baseball mitt on the other ;)

He sure is a lot of fun. What I love about my three year old is how much he loves to play with kids. It doesn't matter how old they are, if they're somewhat small like him he wants to play with them. Even to random kids he sees at the playground or at the store, he'll always say "Oh! Hi, friend!!" It's pretty adorable :) And we have gotten so many comments from people about his "cute little voice." Since Cole is our first, we have nothing to compare his little voice to but of course we think it's cute.

I also love seeing how Cole has interacted with his new little brother. He really is such a good big brother. He asks to hold Logan all the time and likes to pet his head and face :) And he hasn't shown any jealousy so far which has surprised me! He's always so gentle with him. He's such a loving, caring little boy, I can't help but feel proud to be his mama. I hope he knows how much I love him. Both Steve and I talk about how "freaking cute" he is every night before we go to bed. We are such lucky parents. Here's to many more birthdays with our little munchkin man!

   He's 3 today!! I love this birthday boy.


  1. How did I miss this post?? He is the cutest little boy EVER! Oh my goodness, I love how he is 100% boy!! Haha. And that video of him is so precious -- you always remind me I need to take more videos!!!! Happy birthday, Cole!!