July 29, 2013

You are my wild, pt. 2

IMG_0579you are my wild pt 2IMG_0564IMG_0589IMG_0592bwIMG_0616bwIMG_0597IMG_0601

He always loves to climb up on the window sill in his room. Sometimes he climbs up there when he wakes up in the morning, but not only that, he loves to take off his diaper first and be completely naked in the window. I'm sure if anyone has ever seen him in the window completely stripped down, they are probably thinking he has the worst parents ever. But what am I supposed to do if he wakes up before I do?! He is my wild boy for sure and he makes me nervous more often than I'd like.

These pictures are from the other afternoon, right before nap time. At least he's in underwear, right?! We lined up his animals and then he climbed up on the window sill and kicked them all down. His bed is right next to the window and he loves to jump from it down onto his bed. I'm lucky he hasn't hurt himself doing this yet. I decided to document it all before I crack down and not let him do it anymore ;) That's good parenting, right? :)

ps, part 1 is here.


  1. Haha, this cracks me up! Him lining all his animals up just to kick them all down -- I love your wild boy :) He is so adorable!

  2. I love how he lined up all of his animals in the window sill. I don't know about kicking them part. Love all the pictures though.