July 16, 2013

Summertime and the livin' is easy

My phone is what goes every where with me and what I seem to take most of my pictures with. I don't pull out my real camera hardly enough and I blame it on my pregnancy-laziness. It's a real thing!
Anyway, following is a major phone dump from the past few summer months. And summer isn't even close to over yet!

summer and the livins easy
^^Yes, my baby is always naked. He hates wearing clothes. Especially in summer. // Lots of time spent in the kiddie pool // Texas thunder storms // and a flower that Cole picked especially for me :)^^

summer and the livins easy1
^^Lots of ice cream-eating and messy faces // Lots of family evening walks by the canals // and lots of time spent poolside :)^^

summer and the livins easy2^^Peaches. Yum. It's a good day when I crave healthy things like this and not McDonald's french fries :) // Cole learned to open the fridge. It was cute and sad all at the same time. // a froyo date with mom just because // First time to the aquarium! // And of course my favorite treat ever for the fourth: a patriotic fruit pizza!^^

summer and the livins easy3
^^I'm 20 weeks pregnant and already I have pregnancy face. *tear* It's only downhill from here! // Donut-muffins. A pinterest creation. Something I probably wouldn't have been drawn to if I weren't pregnant. // And free slurpee day!!!! This is like heaven for a pregnant lady :)^^

summer and the livins easy4
^^Family outing to the community pool. That's my 20 week bump squeezed into my polka dotted suit. // Cole basically forgets me and only wants his dad when we're at the pool. Because Steve is way more fun than me. // And lastly, Mr. Cole's cute little face on our walk yesterday evening.^^

Happy half way through summer!

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  1. Happy Summer to you too! Oh, and what bump? haha