March 22, 2013

You are my wild.

dino1dino2dino3playing with dinosaurs 3IMG_8341dino4playing with dinosaurs 33dino6IMG_8367IMG_8362IMG_8369

Inspired by this photo blog called You are my wild, I decided to capture some of our own wild moments that take place right here at home, courtesy of Cole. This time it was him playing with his toys on the table with him climbing on and off the table and jumping up and down on the table. If that isn't wild then what is, right?! :)

You might have heard of this "You are my wild" thing already, and quite honestly, I wish I could be part of it ;) But maybe I'll have my own "wild" series on the blog, or maybe we can wait til Lissie gets married and has kids and start one between me and my three sisters?! How much longer is that anyway? You know, til Lissie gets married?!

{just kidding mom} :)


  1. he´s sooo cute! Love the photos ♥

  2. I LOVE these pictures! They are so awesome! What a cutie! I'm excited to check out this "You are my Wild" blog.

  3. I haven't heard of the "You are my Wild" thing. I'm anxious to check it out! And seriously, when will Lissie finally get married ;);)

  4. Oh, and beautiful pictures! He is so handsome. And such a cute wild :)

  5. All I have to say is, patience is a virtue!

  6. This post is absolutely perfect! Loving the photographs! What a little cutie :)
    xo TJ