July 19, 2012

To the city: Dallas Farmers Market!

The farmers market! 
Besides it being incredibly hot here in Dallas right now, the farmers market was just fun. It's all the way in downtown Dallas, but when you go on a Saturday afternoon, when there really isn't much traffic, downtown doesn't seem very far away at all. We got there in 20 minutes! Since it's right there in the city, you have the skyline as the backdrop, and the contrast between that and the (very) colorful market, well it just complimented each other and I loved it :) It made me wish that we lived in the city and that we could come to the market every Saturday (or every day even!) to get our fresh produce. My favorite was probably the big jumbo watermelon and the mangoes and the strawberries! YUM! I wanted to buy everything!

Following is a heap of photos I took, seriously sooo many, it's a little ridiculous. I probably looked like a tourist. But since this was only our 3rd time EVER being downtown, and my first with a camera, well I guess I kind of was a tourist. You never know how many pics you took til you get home, you know? And if I don't post them now, they'll never get posted!

I love these following pictures of Cole and me together. Considering how much time we're together all day every day, I feel like I don't have enough pictures together with him. In that second picture he's dancing to a radio that was playing outside. (He will dance to any and all music. Even the hymns in church! :)

This is Cole about 3 minutes before getting home. Look at those tired eyes!

And this is him 3 seconds later:
We wore him out. 

Anyway, I'm so glad we went, it was something that I'd been wanting to do, plus, I've been really feeling lately that we'll be moving away from here in less than a year and a half now and I want us to actually go see things while we're actually here! Knowing us, we're much too content with our family walks, I just hope we don't regret not seeing more once we get to Washington!


  1. I love all of these pictures!! They're making me wanna go to the SLC farmer's market!! :) and I can't believe your time in tx is coming to a close... That's crazy!!

  2. Once again, all I have to say is...I need to take photography lessons!!! ;-)

  3. You got some great pictures!!! And funny- we just went on Saturday. I wish it was close enough that we could go every day too!

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  5. Like I said before, I want one of those peaches, and some berries, and just about everything you have pictured. Yum!

  6. the photos are just perfect! all the fresh berries/vegetables looks so yummie!:D

  7. I had to read that last bit twice! I almost thought you were saying you were leaving Texas sooner than planned! Gotta say, I was pretty excited. I can't wait for you to move to WA! But I'm definitely enjoying all these fabulous pictures of TX, too!

  8. What an amazing Farmer's Market! I'm jealous! Love the pics! :)