July 14, 2012

Some pictures from the zoo. (they're all of Cole)

It makes sense, really. Why else would we go to the zoo if we didn't have Cole? The animals were fun to look at but what was more fun was seeing Cole so in awe and seeing all of his dreams come true! We have so many animal books that we read him, and he finally got to see some huge animals in real life! 

At first he wasn't gettin' it. "What are we doing here?!"

But we knew when he finally spotted an animal because he would point:

The "rhinocerontes," Spanish for rhinoceros. Steve checked out a book at the library that was all about them. And it was in Spanish. Cole's probably a little confused as to what they're really called.

waving to the apes:

He sees the gorilla!

It was an unhappy gorilla :(

Ok, I guess there are a few animals in here. The zebras were my favorite because they actually seemed happy. Plus, they're pretty :)

Another "rhinocerontes"

Here he's making a tiger noise! :)

Can you tell from these pictures (red, sweaty faces) that it was boiling hot outside? I think next time we need to go when it's a little cooler because not only would it be more comfortable for us, but I think the animals would have been more out and about and lively. Either way, Cole obviously loved it :)


  1. I love his dark features and rosy red cheeks! He is really so handsome!! And I agree - going to the zoo is only enjoyable if it's spring windy weather :):)

  2. Haha that picture of the gorilla cracks me up for some reason! He is so cute and getting sooo big! And he has the prettiest eyes! :)

  3. Zebras are my favorite too! And yes, it looks CRAZY hot there. Glad you guys could have such a great time despite the heat, though. :) I love that Cole loved it so much!