July 13, 2012

You wouldn't believe what I let this kid get away with.

Ever since learning how to climb up on the chairs, two seconds later he learned how to climb onto the table. It's cute except now he hates his high chair and wants to eat every meal with us at the table. And we let him, it's just a whooole lot messier (yes, those are spaghetti noodles all over the table and not on his plate), and a whole lot more dangerous too. You'll see what I mean in the video!


  1. Oh man he is sooooo so cute!!! I love his little mischievious look when he gets on the table. Haha.

  2. What a sweetie! How could you ever get upset with him! He is so cute!

  3. A whole new world just opened up for him! Actually, like I keep telling Emily -- if you keep baby in the high chair for mealtime, it will be a lot less messy in the long run. Good luck with that! :)