July 7, 2012

so indecisive

how to make a gif
how to make a gif

Hey! Happy 4th of July!!
Sorry for the firework picture overload, but I'm telling you, this was me actually narrowing it down. Picking out which firework pictures I wanted to post was harrrrd because, well, they all just kind of look exactly the same ;)

I read somewhere on a twitter feed that the ideal way to take pictures of fireworks was using manual focus, with long exposure times (we're talking 10 seconds +, a tripod would have come in really handy) which is exactly what I did and consequently, every single one turned out all blurry and fuzzy {and a little bit crazy-looking} Every. single. one. Which is ok because I happen to love blurry and fuzziness ;) 

It's a miracle that we went to see fireworks at all. I seriously went back and forth on whether or not we should go like TEN times. I'm pretty sure I was driving Steve crazy with the indecisiveness! I just could not make up my mind. I would decide to go, but then thought...no, it will be way too late for Cole, and he wasn't taking his naps. But then I would think, oh he'll survive. And then I would think, will I survive? if Cole's a tired nightmare? ANYWAY, I decided to go and I'm glad that I did. The 4th isn't really the 4th without fireworks, you know?

We ended up just parking our car in a huge, bumpy field with a million other cars in a little downtown area close by. I wish you could have seen us as we waited for the fireworks to start. We let Cole sit with us up front, we cranked up the radio and he did his little baby dance to all the songs that came on. It is just about the cutest thing ever. Whenever I watch him dance I wish to myself that he could always be so carefree and happy. Never grow up!

When the fireworks finally started, Cole was in awe. He loved them. We all did. How can you not love fireworks?! I had fun with my camera, and the boys had fun watching. No regrets in deciding to go. Even if I had been so indecisive and Cole ended up sleeping horribly that night. No regrets. 

One regret I do have, however, is not having a cute little red, white, and blue, 4th of July outfit for Cole! I don't know what is wrong with me, but I didn't even think about what he would wear until the night before, and well, that was just too late. He didn't wear any special outfit at all like all of my cute little nieces and nephew. I will have to be better about that next year!
Happy 4th!


  1. Oh who cares about the outfit. I just happened to have those colors handy for A, otherwise she woulda been wearing pink and purple or something :) Love your firework pictures. They're super awesome, and I wish I had taken some. I kind of didn't care about this year's fireworks. Haha. (Don't tell America!) I'm working on my patriotism... remember? ;)

  2. I just happened to have red, white, and blue clothes, too. Emma actually gave Liam's shirt to him for his bday or something last year! And you got fireworks pictures! That is awesome! I didn't get a single one of those! Glad you guys had a good 4th and ventured out! :) Love ya!

  3. I like the photos! And we are opposites - I bought Parker a cute little outfit and then... we didn't go anywhere to see the fireworks! We ended up sitting on our driveway watching the fireworks over the river {and they were too far away to take pictures!} Boo! haha

  4. We had no fireworks or red, white and blue, but we had a fun Black Forest camp-out and chocolatey birthday dessert (for Christian)! I wish I could have seen Cole do his baby dance, though!