April 15, 2012

They came and they went.

Mom and Lissie were able to fly through Dallas on their way to Utah and so they got to spend the night at our house on Wednesday! It was so much fun to see them and I can't wait to see them again in just a couple days when we head up there for my mom's graduation from BYU :)
When we picked them up at the airport and then up until the next morning, Cole was just super shy and wouldn't let them hold him. He'd give them little smiles but he wasn't ready to be held! 
We moved Cole's bed into our room while mom and Lissie were staying in his room. Just because the bed was in a different spot, he had the hardest time falling asleep! (which makes me think this up-coming trip might be a little bit of a nightmare in that sense.) Thursday morning, he wasn't going down for his morning nap so I finally just let him get up and I thought I would try to sit him with my mom who was sitting on the couch even though he previously wouldn't have done it. But this time he was all about it! Grandma let him play with her lipsticks and I think that won him over :) As he played with her lipsticks, my mom whispered to me: "Get me a book!" So I did. Cole loved it. I think my mom did too :) And we just brought book after book. And then I got those pictures and I think they're so cute :)

I also got to take Lissie's dance pictures! It was so much fun :) Lissie got off the plane, got ready and then we headed out and did one of the funnest photoshoots ever!

This one was my favorite:

You can see all of them here!


  1. those pictures with the book are priceless! Cute mom and sister! I'm excited for you to get to go to Utah... wish I was going with! :)

  2. Aww, those Cole/Grandma pictures are so so cute :):) Cannot wait to hold him!!!

  3. Oh my goodness.... that last picture is STUNNING! You are definitely talented.

  4. Such sweet pictures! These will be fun to show Cole someday. :)