April 16, 2012

sandal days + kisses

It's been sandal-wearing weather for quite a while here now but remember how my cute peace-sign sandals fell out of our stroller when it fell into the canal and then floated down the canal?! It was sad but it meant I needed to get new ones which is always fun. And yes, I needed new ones. It's impossible to not have sandals when it gets crazy hot here. I was on the look-out for the perfect sandals. I needed some that could be worn to the pool and just out and about as well. I don't think I ever thought I'd find what I was looking for at the dollar store! That's right. I got those at the dollar store and they're perfect and I love them. Aren't they cute? :)

I'd also been on the look-out for the perfect sandals for Cole. He has his cute Robeez shoes which I love, but they're not exactly the best when it's hot outside because they make his feet sweat. You probably can't find decent baby sandals for less than $20. (crazy, right?! These are baby feet we're talking about!) But last week I was just rummaging through one of Cole's drawers and those cute sandals above were in there like magic! I'd forgotten that Bekah had given me her nephew's old sandals a while back. His feet fit them perfectly for now which makes me a happy mama knowing I won't have to buy new ones just yet and he won't have sweaty feet haha :)

Anyway, I thought I'd mention that Cole now gives us kisses! He just started on Friday and it's my favorite thing ever! Forever now I've always asked him "Hey, can mama have a kiss?!" He never understood but I'd give him a kiss anyway. But on Friday it finally registered with him! Steve and I were on the couch talking and he was playing with a toy across the room and I said to him "Can mama have a kiss?!" He stopped what he was doing, walked across the room and planted one on me. It was so adorable. Then he walked back to his toy and started playing with it again :) Steve wanted a kiss too, so he asked him if he could get a kiss too and then he did the same thing! He walked across the room and gave Steve a kiss! We are just so smitten with him. He is too cute. And tonight, Jordan was over to study for finals with Steve and Cole even wanted to give Jordan a kiss goodnight! We were shocked!! Because Jordan didn't even ask for it!

He's actually been doing so many cute things lately which I'll have to tell about later :)


  1. First of all, lucky you it's sandal weather! Secondly, my son just started giving kisses too..and it is my FAVE thing in the world!! At first he would just lean his forehead toward us but now he tired to give us kisses with his lips! Doesn't it just melt your heart?!