March 3, 2012

sick weekend

Like I said before, Cole uses our bar stools as a little jungle gym as you can see above :) I got these pics of him yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday was so fun. Steve got home early from school, we went to Costco like we always do on Friday and in the evening we hosted dessert night at our house! Super. Fun.
BUT Cole stayed up way past his bed time and as I finally put him to bed, I noticed that he was a little hot! I didn't worry too much and he went right to sleep. But then when Steve and I went to bed a little later, we checked on him and he was still pretty hot. He ended up sleeping in bed with us because I was worried about him and at 5 am he woke up crying really hard. I knew he was hurting and I thought he probably had to throw up. And I was right! Poor thing. I could tell he felt awful. He never threw up again, which I'm so grateful for and he's been able to keep food down just fine so we're not sure what he has exactly. He still has a tiny bit of a fever now. I don't know if it's food poisoning or what. I just want him to get better! I feel so bad for him :( And I've done so much laundry today. Ridiculous. AND we missed out on going to our friends house tonight since he's sick. :(

I feel like he's been sick/injured so much lately! It probably has to do with the fact that he doesn't nurse as much anymore because I'm slowly weening him (tear) and he's way mobile now.
He has started walking so much! He can go pretty far stretches now! And he LOVES it! He gets a thrill out of walking and he even did a lot of it today even though he wasn't feeling so well :) Pretty soon here that's all he'll be doing and I'll officially have a toddler! I can't believe that!

Anyway, I'm just hoping that Cole will be well enough to go to church tomorrow. I'm kind of doubting it.


  1. That 3rd picture is my favorite. Ever! He is so adorable.
    I'm sorry he was sick this w/e. That is no fun having a sick baby! Poor thing. And he's walking!!! :) How fun. Can't wait for him and Annabelle to run around together when you come NEXT MONTH!!! :)

  2. I didn't know he was walking. We need to skype when he's feeling well again so we can see it! Hope he feels better soon.

  3. Ooh, I can't wait to see him walk! I'm sorry he's been sick. :( That is no fun at all. Hope he feels better soon. And as always, I love the pics!