February 24, 2012


This little boy is learning so much so fast. I thought I'd make a list of all the new things he's doing lately:

*He wants to walk so bad. He just doesn't have the balance yet. But one of his favorite things to do right now is have me walk him around the living room while he kicks his ball around. I think we might have a future soccer player on our hands!! (anything except wrestling ;)

*Whenever I'm changing his diaper or getting him dressed, he just "reads" himself a book. He'll lay there and turn the pages and act like he's reading. I love his jibberish.

*I'm trying to teach him "please" (I'll work on "thank-you" later). He can't say it yet, but I think he's starting to get the concept. Whenever he calls out for something he wants, which is normally food, I tell him "Can you say 'please'?" He'll smile at me and nod his head. It's so cute, I think he's starting to get it :)

*His new favorite word is "tick tock" but it sounds more like "tih toh." At first we thought it was his version of saying "clock." But as time has gone on we're realizing that anything round, up high, and yes, all clocks are what he calls "tih toh" haha.

*If you ask him where his belly button is he will point to it. So cute :)

*He will not drink water out of anything and it's driving me CRAZY! I need help with this!! How am I ever supposed to even think about weaning him?!

*He climbs underneath our bar stools and uses them as a jungle gym haha.

*We're weaning him from his pacifier. DunDunDun! So now he only has it during naps and at night. It was actually really easy to just take it away from him during the day. A LOT easier than I expected. It's been over a week already. Today was the first day where he wanted it even though he wasn't going to bed. He tried to climb into his crib to get it and it broke my heart. But we couldn't give it to him. And this morning he slept in til 10 am (amazing!!) and I went in to get him but I could tell that he was still tired. When I picked him up, I told him to spit his pacifier out which he did, but then he wanted it right back. I just put him back in his crib and he happily sat there for another half hour just sucking his pacifier and reading a book. Once the half hour was up, he cried out for me and spit his pacifier right out! He was ready to get up haha. That kid knows what he wants :)

Anyway, on Wednesday this week it was a beautiful day, like 80 degrees kind of beautiful so Cole and I spent a good portion of it walking around outside. First we walked to the library; on the way Cole got to crawl around in the grass, playing in the dirt and watching planes fly by. At the library he enjoyed pulling almost every book off of the shelves (!!) reading a few and playing with the baby puzzles. And then on our way home, he got to play at the park! It's kind of impossible to get pictures of him at the park at this age (when it's just me anyway) because I have to help him on everything, but this was the first time that I could tell that he really enjoyed being at the park and sliding down the slides! When I put him back in his stroller to go he threw a fit!

So there you have a nice long update on little munchkin man!


  1. I was wondering if he was starting to walk yet. And I loved the long update. I need more of these!

  2. Oh, I love him! He is so adorable, and so smart! We're also weaning Annabelle from her binki - she only has it during naps and at night time. Wishing you and I luck ;)
    Can't wait to hit up a bunch of parks when you come in April - Annabelle loves them too!

  3. He is so cute!! One thing I did with Harvey was to always say please and thank you. Like every time he brought me a toy.. I would say it. Over and over and over. I think it worked.. ;)

  4. His overalls are so cute! Liam has overalls too, and he wears them all the time! Cute, cute pictures and update. He is sure growing up fast and is very lucky to have you for a mommy!

  5. Parker is the same about walking! He wants to so bad but then he plops back down on his tush! :( We are attempting the binky weaning too... Makes me nervous! He uses it at night time but no more during naps. Makes me sad! I love that little binky in his mouth! xox He is just the cutest thing ever, too! Wish we lived closer so we could have play dates!

  6. Lauren! Found your blog from fb and love it! Cole is such a smarty pants! How cute is tick tock??? So cute.