February 9, 2012

play date

The weather was perfect today for a walk on the trail out by our house! Jennifer and her son Tristan joined us and Cole and Tristan had a blast together playing with their toys, playing peek-a-boo underneath the bench and Tristan was teaching Cole how to walk!
These guys are the best of buds. Their birthdays are only a day apart. They finally got to see each other again after the craziness of the holidays. (And we're sad that they're moving away this summer :(

And that last picture? That's day 4 of the February photo a day thing I'm doing: "a stranger."
I guess this means I'm playing catch-up! Now, if I can only be awake enough by 10 am tomorrow to remember to take a picture. hehe

By the way, thanks for everyone's kind words about Cole's arm on Monday. He is perfectly fine! The minute it went back in place, it was as if it never happened. Crazy!

1 comment:

  1. They're only a day apart? Tristan seems so much bigger than Cole! Wow. They are so adorable together :) Can't wait til him and Annabelle can play in APRIL!! (Riiight, Lu?!) ;)