February 11, 2012

A beautiful Saturday

It was a successful Saturday :) I actually got up by 9 (!!) and by 10 I was out the door for a morning jog.
And it was absolutely freezing! There was a bitter wind and I hardly made it back alive ;) But it was such a beautiful day. 
After getting ready for the day, and Cole's morning nap, we took Steve to the temple and Cole and I had a little play date together. We found a cute little park nearby the temple where Cole could stretch his legs. I let him crawl around in the grass even if he tried putting every little thing in his mouth (like pieces of bark, leaves and seeds/nuts that had fallen from the trees.) We also found little wild flowers growing which made me SO excited for spring to get here! If you remember from last spring, Texas has the most amazing wild flowers :)
Later today I helped Steve study for all these tests he has coming up, but he still managed to play ball with Cole in the living room. The best sound in the world is hearing Cole squeal from having so much fun playing ball with his daddy :)

I love the weekends and I'm so glad we have another day of it tomorrow!
(I'm still catching up on my Feb photo a day thing but I added a few to this post:)


  1. Cole is getting so big!! Love that hat on him. He's looking more and more like a little boy - so adorable.

  2. Super cute! Glad you had such a productive Saturday. :)