February 1, 2012

my view today

Lots of napping for Cole.
Lots of studying for Steve.

Cole is still sick and yes, he's wearing mismatched Christmas pajamas!
Steve has national boards this semester. So yeah, that should be fun. :/

Today was just an ordinary day. Cole and I slept in til nearly 11!! Can you believe that?! I do not miss school at all! I worked on the maternity shoot I did this past weekend and they are turning out SO cute!
Steve came home early from school. Cole napped. I went to scouts. (I don't think I've ever mentioned on here that I'm in scouts! I'm a bear den leader and it's a crazy but also fun calling :)
And then we went out to dinner to celebrate our friend's birthday, played games, ate ice cream. Now we're home and Steve is doing what he's doing in the picture above. Again.

Anyway, all over on twitter people are doing the February Photo a Day. (you can see the list HERE) I love these kinds of things, so of course I'm participating. Last February I did the same kind of challenge!
Tomorrow the word is: words.
Join me!


  1. Nice update. Cute boys. Wanna borrow my old den leader shirt?

  2. Sounds like you've got a quiet house over there... I'm so sorry Cole is still sick :( That's no fun. What is it exactly?
    And good luck Steve on his boards!!