February 2, 2012


These are glimpses of the journal entry I wrote shortly after Cole was born describing his birth.
My friends are having/about to have babies and it's making me reminisce about when Cole was born. I pulled out my journal and read a little bit of what I wrote. Being a new mom was such an amazing thing!

Pulling out my journal was a good and a bad thing. It made me feel guilty since the last time I wrote in it was in...like September. Cringe! But it was a good thing too because, well, it's out now. I'm more likely to write in it now. And it's also got me thinking I need to do some kind of summary/scrap book thing of Cole's first year of life. Putting together an album on facebook probably just isn't going to cut it.
So, I guess, stay tuned for that!

Tomorrow's word: hands


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing his one year scrapbook/album. What a lucky baby boy to have you as his mommy!

  2. Wow, I definitely need to dig up my journal now. I really should write down everything I remember from Annabelle's birth. Cole is so blessed to have you :)